• Original Quality

  • CTE adheres strictly to the design and quality standards expected of an OE manufacturer. Our products are well-researched, developed and manufactured by CCYS group, which has decades of experience. While keeping the spirit of tradition, we also embrace the creativity of innovation. CTE places great importance in the value of life and therefore all products manufactured would have safety as its paramount concern.
  • Product Engineering

  • CTE employs reverse engineering and 3D technology to continuously enhance the development process. We are committed to providing efficient and quality products to fulfill the needs of the market.
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  • Production Process

  • 90% of the production process, from tooling, stamping, forging, machining, welding, rubber injection, assembly to packing, is carried out within our factories. This is to ensure the qualities of our products are not being compromised.
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  • Quality Management

  • From the inspection of raw materials to each stage of the production process, right up to the finished products, CTE complies strictly with the international standards of ISO9001-2008 / TS16949. Quality is the driving force to continuous improvement and to achieve customer satisfaction.
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  • CTE takes into account extreme weather and road conditions when developing its products. We use only top-grade materials and accurate design specifications to ensure quality and safety standards are met.

    Rubber deteriorates at a faster rate when the car is driven on the heated roads in summer. CTE rubber products have temperature-resistant and shock-absorbing features. The durability of our products measures up to OE standards.
  • Our products are made of corrosion-resistant lightweight aluminum alloy and high-strength iron which resist oxidization and erosion from acid rain effectively.

    The dust cover is the most easily damaged item among the chassis parts due to either long term use or improper installation. CTE chooses the appropriate dirt cover and implements fatigue life test to ensure durability of our products.

  • Each new developmental item needs to pass through
  • 1,000,000
  • 1,000,000 cycles of fatigue test
  • CCYS brings in the latest testing equipment, putting all developmental items through 1,000,000 cycles of fatigue test to ensure our products are safe and of consistent quality.
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