Ball Joint

The ball joint supports and connects the control arm and rotates in multi-angled directions when the vehicle turns. It ensures smooth steering with minimal vibration. The multi-angled movements allow the vehicle to maneuver in radial and axial directions. In adherence to traditional Taiwan craftsmanship, CTE ball joints provide consumers a safe and smooth driving experience.

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Outstanding Technology and Quality

CTE takes into account extreme weather and road conditions when developing its products. We use only top-grade materials and accurate design specifications to ensure quality and safety standards are met.

More Manufacturing

  • CTE ball joint undergoes material analysis, surface roughness test, strength test, low friction coefficient, and product durability.
  • CTE ball joint needs to pass through 1,000,000 cycles of fatigue test to ensure the quality of rubber boot and ball pin.
  • The hardness and components of the materials are analyzed critically to be in accord with OE design.