Tie Rod End

Tie rod end is part of the steering mechanism which pushes and pulls the tire. It transmits longitudinal and lateral forces and absorbs the horizontal, torque and frictional movement to reduce vibrations of the tires during driving due to various road conditions. The tie rod end is connected to the rack end via its thread and provides better control of the car.

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Outstanding Technology and Quality

CTE takes into account extreme weather and road conditions when developing its products. We use only top-grade materials and accurate design specifications to ensure quality and safety standards are met.

More Manufacturing

  • After the fatigue test, CTE tie rod end undergoes the gap inspection to ensure the consistent quality and durability.
  • CTE tie rod end needs to pass through 1,000,000 cycles of fatigue test to ensure the quality of rubber boot and ball pin.
  • CTE is committed to continuous innovation and improvement of its products. Our objective is to enhance material durability and corrosion protection.